PROtechs PINK! 5 x Mixed Size Pieces

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The most popular mixed sizes are a mix of 2/3/4 and 1/2/3

The #1 in finger protection PROtechs

Made from flexible, acetone proof silicone that can be disinfected in various ways between clients

At 30mm they’re longer than the original to provide more PROtection aneeded better coverage

It has rounded diamonds to improve strength and reduce tearing

There are 5 sizes that cover every ring size to fit all hands!

Measure your finger circumference and find the perfect size below before placing your order

Use the size chart if needed

Size 1 41mm-46mm

Size 2 45.5mm-50.5mm 

Size 3 50mm-55.5mm 

Size 4 55.5mm-61.5mm 

Size 5 61mm-66mm    

Due to providing the relevant sizing information needed returns and replacement shipping must be covered by the customer

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